Indiana County Zoning

Indiana County

Special Recreation and Conservation Zoning Ordinance


The purpose of the Indiana County Special Recreation and Conservation

Zoning Ordinance is to protect the investment in and use of three County

Parks (Blue Spruce Park, Pine Ridge Park, and Hemlock Lake) and Yellow Creek

State Park from the encroachment of detrimental land uses. This is

accomplished through the establishment of zoning districts around each park

wherein the use of land and buildings is controlled through the regulations.

Permitted, Special Exception, and Prohibited uses are listed for a Buffer Zone

and Conservation Zone around each Park. Plans for new uses or changes to

existing uses must be reviewed and approved by the Indiana County Zoning

Officer or the Indiana County Zoning Hearing Board. Specific use regulations,

powers and duties of the Zoning Officer and Zoning Hearing Board, appeal

procedures, and penalties for violations of the regulations are provided for in

the Ordinance.

Property owners and developers are encouraged to contact our office with any

questions on these Ordinances.

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