Uniform Construction Code

In November 1999, Governor Tom Ridge approved Act 45 known as the Pennsylvania Construction Code. Under Act 45, a Uniform Construction Code (UCC) was established for the State of Pennsylvania; promulgating powers and duties to Municipalities and the Department of Labor & Industry to provide enforcement, impose penalties, and make repeals.


The purpose of the UCC is to provide a standard of reference when performing building plan reviews and inspecting building construction, alteration, repair, movement, equipment, removal, demolition, location, maintenance and occupancy or change of occupancy for every building or structure occurring on or after April 9, 2004 to include all existing structures that are not legally occupied.


The Office of Planning & Development began the administration and enforcement of the UCC for a majority of the Municipalities within the County on July 1, 2004. The map below represents the Municipalities our office currently oversees.


As of January 1, 2012 the Office of Planning & Development is contracted with Pennsafe Building Inspection Services for inspections and plan reviews.

Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals shall hear and rule on appeals and requests for variances under the UCC.


The Board is comprised of five residents of the County from the municipalities that have contracted to have the County administer and enforce the UCC, as well as two alternates.  These members are qualified by training and experience to pass on matters pertaining to building construction.


If you are seeking an Appeal or requesting a Variance, please complete the Request for Action form Here and return it to our office with the appropriate fees.


Click Here for more information on the Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Appeals.

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Indiana County Climatic and Design Criteria

Indiana County does hereby adopt the following climatic and geographic design criteria, in accordance with International Residential Code, 2018; Section R301.2, and Table R301.2(1), said Table being attached hereto:

  1.  Ground Snow Load is 35 lbs. per square foot
  2.  Wind Speed is 90-115 mph depending on exposure area
  3.  Seismic Design Category “A”
  4.  Weathering – Severe
  5.  Frost Line Depth – 36 inches
  6.  Termite – Moderate to Heavy
  7.  Decay – Slight to Moderate
  8.  Winter Design Temperature 0 to 10 Degrees Fahrenheit
  9.  Ice Shield Underlayment Required – Yes
  10.  Flood Hazard – Reference specific municipal ordinance
  11.  Air Freezing Index is 2000
  12.  Mean Annual Temperature is 47 Degrees Fahrenheit
  13.  Roof Vents shall be a minimum of 16 inches above the roof line

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